Game of Thrones Conquest Troop Type Focus

Game of Thrones Troop Type Focus Header

What is the best troop type? This topic gets discussed very often. As often as the discussion comes up, the answer to this question is not very easy. Next to the question of the best troop type, we also highlight what troop types you should combine, to be as efficient and flexible as possible for PVP. Read this Game of Thrones Troop Type Focus Guide to be one step ahead of your enemy!

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GOTCTips Vote for next post

GOTCTips Vote Header

The topic of the next big post is in your hands! This time we vote about the topic being released by GOTCTips. You can choose between two real big topics. Below I show you the headline of each topic, and a short introduction to it. Choose wisely what topic will help you and your allegiance the most, cause only one topic can win! Read more about the two topics and take part in the GOTCTips Vote for next post!

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Game of Thrones Conquest SOP planner

Game of Thrones Conquest SOP planner header

In Game of Thrones Conquest, Seats of Power and their openings are one of the most interesting and most challenging parts of the game. To be successful in this “Game of Thrones”, you need to have a good plan! The hardest part can be having an overview of SOPs opening so you can defend and plan attacks on enemies! This Game of Thrones Conquest SOP planner gives you an overview of all SOP openings for the future in your realm!

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Game of Thrones Conquest Crafting Guide


Crafting is one of the most powerful sections in Game of Thrones Conquest. We have many set items now from the monthly events and each gear got its purpose. After the yesterday News about the Game of Thrones Conquest Combat Changes, this topic will even get more important then before! This Game of Thrones Conquest Crafting Guide will focus on how to optimize your crafting outcome and everything you ever wanted to know about crafting! Read in this guide how you can optimize the outcome of your crafting without cheat or hack!

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GOTC Kingdom Merge Tips


Big news for many of the realms! Wb announced the second wave of the GOTC Kingdom Merge. Many waited long for this info and are eager to face new enemies and possible new allies! Seats of Power will open again, and all will start from the beginning! A very exiting phase, since taking the Seats of Power is for most people one of the most fund and also challenging parts in the game. Being successful needs the help of every member in the allegiance and a lot of teamwork and coordination! Read this article to have all tips you need to …

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