Game of Thrones Conquest SOP Planner Info

Seat of Power Game of Thrones Conquest Live

It’s August, the month of updates and exciting events, so we’re adding some nice things too. Due to popular demand, it’s time for another tool to be released and help you getter a better understanding and preparation when it comes to Seats of Power. The Game of Thrones Conquest SOP Planner tool that we are releasing now, aims to achieve just that, and maybe more.

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Game of Thrones Conquest Event bonuses [Update]

Game of Thrones Conquest Event Bonuses header

[Updated 31.07.2018] Next to a bunch of new features, WB is also working on a new type of bonus. While this seems to be a small change, together with the Game of Thrones Conquest Bolton Gear, these new Game of Thrones Conquest Event bonuses might result in making cavalry way less useful in PVP! Read all currently available information to this possible new addition from WB.

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Game of Thrones Conquest Troop Stats

The base to optimizing game play for “Game Of Thrones Conquest” stems from understanding how troop stats work. This post will explain in detail how every troop stat affects the outcome of your actions in the game. While the focus is on PVP and farming camps, I try to cover as much in this post as possible. I bet there will be new insights for many players… so read on and rule your kingdom with wisdom!

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A Guide how to solo a SOP in Game of Thrones Conquest

How to solo a SOP Guide Header

The time is over where rallies where needed to take important SOPs. Seems like everything beside Kings Landing can be taken solo by one player if he meets the required conditions.  As a result SOP openings became very fast and a race by speed and the perfect timing. But who can solo what star count of SOP? In this Guide I give you an overview on what is needed to solo a SOP, and much more important: How to test if you are able to solo a SOP!

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Game of Thrones Conquest Buffs

Game of Thrones Conquest Buffs Header

Basic Stats are responsible for an outcome of a fight. Thats why I explain you how the Game of Thrones Conquest Buffs work! Without going to much into detail, there are boosts for the five main Attributes Attack, Defense, Health, March Speed and March Size. Since WB makes stuff more interesting, i created a full list of all attributes, and to what situation they get applied! Be prepared and use stats wisely to have the best possible attack and defense in all situations!

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