How to make alts for rss in Game of Thrones Conquest

How to make alts for rss in Game of Thrones Conquest

Alts are a very good way for F2P (free to play) player to get resources. In our article “How to make alts for rss in Game of Thrones Conquest” we give you a step to step guide, how to grow your keep from level 1 to 10 in under 5 days!


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How to make alts for rss in Game of Thrones Conquest

Before we start: This great step to step guide was written by someone from the GOTCTips community (who prefers to stay anonymous). If you have something to be shared, feel free to send any admin your input!

This guide will teach players to successfully:

  • Install multiple app-cloning apps (up to four)
  • Successfully set up multiple alternate accounts in your kingdom (up to four alts)
  • Grow the alternate accounts to maximize the amount of resources available with a minimum of 7mil food and 8mil wood (without varys event)
  • Create another cycle of alternates after the first set are farmed

A couple of caveats before we begin:

  • Make sure your primary account is bound. Don’t be stupid or careless.
  • While this guide is focused on Android, you can also install an Emulator if you have a PC/MAC. With an emulator, you can create even more accounts. We explained how to install an Emulator for MAC and Windows in our Game of Thrones Conquest Emulator for Windows and MAC. (an alternative emulator would be Bluestacks (Windows only))

Setting up the Cloning Applications/Starting new Alts

Please Note: While the following steps are also possible with an emulator, you can just make multiple instances of an emulator to have endless devices/alts (just limited by your hard drive) at the same time.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the following apps:
    1. Parallel Space (seems to have problems currently running GOT:C)
    2. Parallel Space Lite (seems to have problems currently running GOT:C)
    3. DualSpace
    4. DualSpace Blue
  2. Each of these programs will be able to create one new account for you. DO NOT bind any of the new accounts you will create.
  3. In your primary account, go to House Information -> Settings -> Invite Friends and generate your Invite Code. You will use this to bring the first new account into your Kingdom.
  4. One at a time, create a new account in each clone app. (My S8 was only able to run one clone app at a time, it was slowed down way too much running more than that). After you create the basic keep (farm/sawmill, go through walkthrough), in the new account, go to House Information -> Settings -> Use Friend Code and enter the code you generated in step 3. After you use this it will bring your new account into your Kingdom. Then, use the invite code from the first alt to invite the second alt, and so forth and so on … forever …
    In short: Main acct invites Alt #1; Alt #1 invites Alt #2; Alt #2 invites Alt #3 …
  5. Repeat step 4 one time using each app mentioned in step 1. Make sure to close out each app when switching between accounts. Each of these alts will bring you at least 7 mil food and 8 mil wood in 5 short days!

END RESULT OF THIS SECTION: Player will have their primary account (bound) and up to five unbound alternate accounts.

Growing you Alt to maximum Potential – Overview

From the very beginning, this is a race against the clock. You have five days to get to keep level 10, and if you follow this guide, you will make it every time! This guide is divided into steps, with each step ending with you having to wait on construction of the keep. By not spending ANY speedups on the keeps, you will have saved enough speedups for use later on.

Remember to train troops every chance you can (do not train siege unless it is a troop training event), to use them to kill monsters and farm as much as possible, as their are Tyrion’s Rewards for killing certain numbers of creatures and farming certain amounts of resources. As far as speed-ups go, the hard and fast rules are: don’t speed up troops, use only maester speedups for the maester and crafting speedups for the smithy…I use the all-purpose and construction speed ups for construction. Do not deviate from this rule, there is NO reason to and deviation will jeopardize production! Additionally, never use speedups on the keeps….never!

Dragons are not to be hatched (it uses up a lot of wood to hatch a dragon). There is no benefit of doing this; however, the dragon pit will be built.

Step 1: Level 1 to 4

Step Description
1.1 upgrade to level 2 keep
1.2 upgrade to level 2 storehouse
1.3 build/upgrade level 1-2 training yard
1.4 build/upgrade level 1-2 war camp
1.5 upgrade level 2 farm/sawmill
1.6 upgrade level 2 barracks
1.7 build/upgrade level 1-2 stable
1.8 build level 1 tavern/port
1.9 upgrade level 2 watchtower
1.10 upgrade level 2 wall
1.11 upgrade level 3 keep
1.12 upgrade level 3 storehouse
1.13 upgrade level 3 training yard
1.14 upgrade level 3 sawmill/farm/war camp
1.15 upgrade level 3 barracks/stable
1.16 build/upgrade level 1-3 range
1.17 upgrade level 3 watchtower
1.18 upgrade level 3 wall
1.19 upgrade level 4 keep (do not speed up)
1.20 train 1 squire
1.21 train 1 slinger
1.22 kill level 1 creature
1.23 use 3x 1,000 house prestige from inventory
1.24 collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards

At this point, you are waiting for the level 4 keep to finish. Take a break and check on your main account and discord!!!

Step 2: Level 4 to 5

After a short rest and check-in with your main account, you are back on the grind. At this point, you will start using speed-ups, but remember, DO NOT speed up the keep. Also, do not use a second builder yet, as it will be wasted and you will need it later to reach Keep Level Ten! Step Two takes you from Level Four to Level Five:

Step Description
2.1 collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards
2.2 upgrade level 4 store house/training yard
2.3 upgrade level 4 war camp/sawmill/farm
2.4 build/upgrade level 1-4 dragon pit
2.5 build/upgrade level 1-4 med tent
2.6 upgrade level 4 barracks/range/stable
2.7 train 1 footman (barracks)
2.8 train 1 archer (range)
2.9 train 1 outrider (stable)
2.10 upgrade level 4 watchtower
2.11 build/upgrade level 1-4 maester’s tower
2.12 upgrade level 4 wall
2.13 upgrade level 5 keep (do not speed up)
2.14 kill level 2 creature
2.15 research 1 economy technology
2.16 research 1 logistics technology
2.17 kill level 3 creature
2.18 build 1 level 1 trap
2.19 train 33 each footman, archers, and outriders

At this point, you are waiting for the level 5 keep to finish. Take a break and check on your main account and discord!!!

Step 3: Level 5 to 6

Step Three will push us up to Level Six, and includes several non-building activities. Remember to train troops as much as you can (you do NOT need to use the troops training speed-ups unless you are in a troop training event.

Step Description
3.1 collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards
3.2 upgrade level 5 storehouse
3.3 upgrade level 5 training yard
3.4 upgrade level 5 war camp/med tent
3.5 upgrade level 5 sawmill/farm
3.6 upgrade level 5 dragon pit
3.7 upgrade level 5 watchtower
3.8 upgrade level 5 trapmaker
3.9 build/upgrade level 1-5 workshop
3.10 upgrade level 5 barracks
3.11 upgrade level 5 range
3.12 upgrade level 5 stable
3.13 build/upgrade level 1-5 smitty
3.14 upgrade level 5 maester’s tower
3.15 upgrade level 5 wall
3.16 upgrade level 6 keep (do not speed up)
3.17 collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards
3.18 investigate gathering food/wood on map
3.19 train 1 catapult
3.20 train 1 battering ram
3.21 train 39 each footman, archer, and outrider
3.22 research 1 city defense technology
3.23 research 1 military technology
3.24 research 1 logistics technology
3.25 research 1 city defense technology
3.26 research 1 economy technology
3.27 craft a level 1 weapon

At this point, you are waiting for the level 6 keep to finish. Take a break and check on your main account and discord!!!

Step 4: Level 6 to 7

Step Four will advance your Keep to Level Seven, the last of the lower levels. This is when you can break out your second builder, and have him work alongside your first builder. What I usually do is use one builder until I am close to running out of speedups, then I start the second builder and let them work at their own pace. Step Four signals the end of Day One. You should have spent less than 24 hours on the first four steps if you hope to achieve Keep Level Ten in the allotted time.

Step Description
4.1collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards
4.2gather wood on map
4.3upgrade level 6 storehouse
4.4upgrade level 6 training yard
4.5upgrade level 6 war camp, med tent, sawmill, farm
4.6upgrade level 6 dragon pit
4.7upgrade level 6 barracks
4.8upgrade level 6 range
4.9upgrade level 6 stable
4.10train 45 eachfootman/archer/outrider
4.11upgrade level 6 workshop
4.12upgrade level 6 watchtower
4.13upgrade level 6 trapmaker
4.14upgrade level 6 smitty
4.15upgrade level 6 maester’s tower
4.16build/upgrade level 1-6 rookery
4.17collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards
4.18upgrade level 6 wall
4.19upgrade level 7 keep (do not speed up)
4.20research 1 military technology
4.21research 1 economy technology
4.22forge level 1 helmet
4.23forge level 1 chest piece
4.24forge level 1 pants
4.25forge level 1 shoes
4.26forge level 1 ring
4.27forge level 5 helmet
4.28collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards

At this point, you are waiting for the level 7 keep to finish.

Step 5: Level 7 to 10

At Step Five, things change drastically. First, you are going to use your second builder to expedite the building process. DO NOT spend gold on a third builder: it is not needed and that gold is to be used to buy resources for feeding at the end of the growth cycle. Second, we are only updating the buildings needed to get to the keep level 10, to maximize upward trajectory. Up until now, we have updated all buildings, because, well, we needed to and it gets you rewards and speedups to finish these later steps. Now we focus on sprinting to the finish line.

5.1collect Tyrion’s Quests/Daily Quests rewards
5.2upgrade level 7 farm and stable
5.3build/upgrade level 1-7 great hall
5.4upgrade level 7 watchtower, trapmaker, and wall
5.5upgrade level 8 wall
5.6upgrade level 7-8 war camp, med tent, maester tower, barracks, and smithy
5.7 build/upgrade level 1-8 shrine
5.8 upgrade level 8 wall
5.9 upgrade level 9 keep
5.10upgrade level 8-9 farm and stable
5.11 upgrade level 7-9 training yard and workshop
5.12upgrade level 9 wall
5.13upgrade level 10 keep

Congratulations! While you are building, I suggest looking at Tyrion’s Quests and the Daily Quests (in that order) as to-do list for gaining points. I would not upgrade any buildings past those needed for keep 10; also, don’t forget to clean out your inventory … use all your relevant boosts, candles, send gifts, etc. to maximize profit for when they are fed upon.

Last Step: Farming your Alt

When the original five-day shield expires, your alt must be at keep level 10 to maximize its yield of resources. Don’t fret if you didn’t make it, you should have three (3) eight-hour shields and one (1) 24-hour shield at your disposal. To prepare for feeding, you need to complete the following actions:

  • Use gold to buy resources
  • Use all prayer candles and spend as much gold as possible on wishes
  • Empty all wood, food, and stone resource boxes.
  • Review entire inventory for/expend any other resources
  • Dismiss army (cavalry, infantry, ranged, and siege)

Once you have dismissed the army and positioned/teleported the alt next to the recipient, it is time to pop the bubble on a nearby keep (look for an inactive one, they are all over the map. Don’t send a scout at one of the big allegiances, they will track it back and take your resources and beat you up for your lunch money!). Then, attack until it is empty and then port it away when it is emptied.

The circle of life begins anew

After all of your alts have been farmed, it is time to start on the next round. To accomplish this, you must start with the last account you created in the prior round, as it will have the only active friend code.

 (After the first round, your primary account is no longer involved in the creation of alts.  Each alt will create the next generation.) 

In closing

Using this recipe, I have personally created over 659 mil in free food, 775 mil in wood, and 1.6 mil free stone…it takes the effort, but it is worth it. During certain events, like Varys’ Riddle, you earn so much extra gold that turns into millions more of free resources! Use this guide, adapt it to your playstyle, and have fun out there!

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  1. Alan_S says:

    Hello, I would like to add an additional information to your article. We can also create Alts in 10minutes and redo loops for the most impatient, the technique is to mount them keep lvl 6 and stop, via quests and rewards obtained the lvl 6 is easily reached in 10 minutes, the account will generate about 700k of food and wood (note that this technique is more interesting during Varys event in particular than to mount a keep 10 in 5 days), here is a youtube link to show you in detail how we proceed.

    Keep 22
    Free To Play 💪

  2. Marcel szillinsky(koron k114) says:

    Toll noch mehr fake Accounts. Was soll diese scheiße. Das ist eine Verarschung aller Spieler die ohne solche fake Accounts zu machen, sich alles hart erarbeitet habe. Und der Leute die Unsummen investiert haben. EIN SPIELER EIN ACCOUNT!

    1. Eva Butler says:

      I can for the life of me not figure out how one gets back into an unbound account? Once you leave that newly created keep, how do you get back in? The article suggests multiple times to check the main account and discord and then go back into the newly created one. And one is supposed to grow this farm over 5 days. HOW????? Please somebody give me the answer. Thank you in advance.

    2. Alice Madden says:

      Ich stimme dir total zu !!

    3. Winter says:

      You are using an emulator! Every farm has a separate app! That’s HOW HOW HOW.

  3. Groveburners says:

    This takes up way too much time and effort for the return. Just speed build the keep to 6. Without an event going on, the alt will have 1M food and wood (netting about 700k each when farmed). With events, you can spend the cash on a million or more additional resources. And you can do this every 15-20 minutes.

  4. Greg says:

    How does one overcome the changes made to GOTC in the latest update, where using clones will stop GOTC from opening.
    Anyone with thoughts or solutions let us know.

  5. Zelz says:

    Why would you want to spend five days getting to K10 when you can get to K6 with a L3 Storehouse (lower protected RSS), get ~1m of one and ~650k of the other in about 10 minutes?

  6. frosty says:

    What cloning app for iPhone to use?

  7. Eva Butler says:

    I can for the life of me not figure out how one gets back into an unbound account? Once you leave that newly created keep, how do you get back in? The article suggests multiple times to check the main account and discord and then go back into the newly created one. And one is supposed to grow this farm over 5 days. HOW????? Please somebody give me the answer. Thank you in advance.

  8. Emma says:

    Parallel Space is working fine for me, what was the supposed issue with it?

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