GOTCTips SOP Planner

Seat of Power Game of Thrones Conquest

The GOTCTips SOP planner helps you plan and search for everything you need to know about SOPs. Do you want to know what SOP you can take in order to increase your farming outcome? Or you want to plan what SOPs to take next with your allegiance? This tool will help you will all these questions!

You can find step by step instructions on how to use this tool on our detailed guide.
Please note: If you are on a Phone, this GOTCTips Keep upgrade calculator is best viewed in Landscape View.

GOTCTips SOP Planner



Star Count Bannerman Slots Capacity Wall Health
1+ 18 648,000 465,000
1+ 18 648,000 523,000
1+ 18 680,000 580,000
1+ 18 710,000 640,000
12+ 18 736,000 697,000
12+ 18 760,000 755,000
20+ 18 795,000 814,000
30+ 20 825,000 871,000
62+ 22 920,000 1,162,000

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WordPress Plugins

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GOTCTips also provides useful tools to optimize the ingame experience for you. Currently not all tools are doable in a reasonable amount of time.
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WB uses unity3d files for their graphics. Currently it’s only possible for us to decompile/view none animated versions with a lot of work.
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GOTCTips is now on a paid and faster server. We paid the server for 6 month. Next round of payment soon.
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