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It is time to spread some love again! With the last day of April, we are happy to announce our GOTCTips Member of the Month April. GOTCTips is all about the community. Its build from players for players. While GOTCTips got bigger, many who are not an admin provide an insane amount of heart into this game. So let’s see who is our third MotM.

Join the GOTCTips Community

First of all, we want to invite you to join our GOTCTips Discord server? This is the place to discuss our posts and where you get the earliest updates regarding upcoming events or tips about Game of Thrones Conquest.

GOTCTips Discord Server join

How to get GOTCTips Member of the Month?

Everyone active on this server can become the Member of the Month. By helping others or showing some dedication to the game and inspiring others. Please feel free to send us your suggestions, may it be yourself or a member of your allegiance, an enemy or someone you heard from … any suggestion is welcome!

GOTCTips Member of the Month April

The MotM April is very active and helps everyone in every channel (even in channels where it does not ultimately belong to 😍)! She is an insane help for all admins and mods cause of her nice and guiding way. She lines up with our GOTCTips Member of the Month March Black Mamba when it comes to being beautiful and nice! Do you already know who we talk about?

Our Member of the Month April will be:

GOTCTips Member of the Month April

Thanks for all you do for the community! We ❤️❤️❤️ you!

What is the reward?

While we can’t provide really cool stuff, we can give love ❤️ and a some lame, but special rank on the GOTCTips Discord Server „Member of the Month“. The holder will have this rank until the next month and can choose any color she/he wants.

This is it!

Feel free to leave a comment or come to our discord at “” with any question you have.
We contribute a lot of our free time to bring you the best information and tips, and while we do not want to put ads on the site, we welcome any donation you may consider – this will greatly help with more information and tips, as well as server/maintenance in the near future.


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