GOTCTips Dragon Food Calculator

GOTCTips Dragon Food Calculator

Our Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Food Calculator will show you, based on your stats and your selected food quality, how much feedings you need to reach your desired Dragon level! It also helps to know how many packs you need for your goal!

Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon feeding Tips

To give some additional tips in this post, here are some tips to increase your outcome even more!

  • Level your dragon pit before you rush! (a higher dragon level increases the XP Bonus)
  • Don’t forget to equip the right trinket!
  • Dragon Packs (normally) store the same amount as extra feedings as high-quality food feedings
  • Each Food quality gives double the Experience as the food quality before (green gives two times the experience as grey)

More tiüs can be found in our Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Guide.

Important: depending on your selection, your trinket and your daily bonus might not apply. Please note that the daily bonus gets reset every 10 level (10, 20, 30 …) and start from 0.


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