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[UPDATE 08th of November] We are close to the release of Dragons in Game of Thrones Conquest. We made many posts regarding dragons already and showed you what is needed for them. This post will give you a small summary and will show you the most recent Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Costs for everything. We will try to keep this post up to date until the release of dragons, so make sure to check this post frequently.

We share with you our current knowledge, this info can change or might not even pass it into the game!

Did you miss previous Dragon Information?

We highly recommend reading all previous dragon posts. This makes it much easier to follow this article. We can’t go into detail of every aspect of the new feature in this post!

Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Costs

There will be multiple new areas in the game once the dragons launch. So let us summarize what we get first and then tell you what costs will come with them.

New items

We will get three new items with dragons.

  • Dragon Lore – 0.1 gold
  • Dragon Secret – 250 gold [UPDATE 8th of November]
  • Dragon Livestock (Food)(no price set)
  • Dragon Hunger (no price set)

But where are those new items needed? And how much do we need of them?

Dragon Pit

One major part of Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Costs will be the Dragon pit since you have to build it starting from level 1. Next, to the normal building materials, you will also need Dragon Secrets to upgrade your Dragon Pit. Here, once again, a screen of the Dragon Secret:

Final Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Update Dragon Secrets Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Pit Costs

PLEASE NOTE: Currently the amount needed for the Dragon Secrets is not set properly. WB has set a dummy value for them. Below you can find the Dragon pit Calculator, where we set the Dragon Secrets to 1 for every level. This will be updated as soon as we have the data for it!

*The costs displayed is the total needed amount for Dragon Pit Level 1 to your selection!

Feed the Dragon

In the Dragon Pit, you will feed your dragon with Dragon Livestock. The higher the food quality, the more EXP your dragon will get. Once your dragon reaches a specific amount of Experience, you will be able to upgrade its level! This Experience can be increased by stacking up food feedings per day and will be increased with some event bonuses during the release. With all these variables it becomes hard to tell how many Dragon Livestock you exactly need. Here, again, a screen of the new Dragon Food:

But feeding your dragons got limits. There is a limit on how many times you can feed your dragon in a day. This maximum amount of feedings depends on the dragons level. To overcome this limit, you need to use Dragon Hunger items. Similar to the food, there are multiple qualities of the Dragon Hunger item, thus increasing the maximum amount of feedings, by different values. Here a small list of those effects sorted by quality:

  • Dragon Hunger +1
  • Dragon Hunger +3
  • Dragon Hunger +5
  • Dragon Hunger +10
  • Dragon Hunger +25

Game of Thrones Dragon Costs Dragon Hunger

Currently, we don’t know where those two items will come from. But expect them to be in packs you can buy for $$$. We will keep you informed once we know more regarding this topic.

Level your Dragon

We will have 100 Dragon levels, while the max level, as of now (right after the release), will be level 39. The Dragon Level will define the state of your dragon. Below a small list of milestones:

  • Egg – level 1
  • Hatchling –  level 2 – 9
  • Whelp – level 10 – 19
  • Adolescent – level 20 – 39
  • Adult – level 40 – 100

Once your dragon reaches the needed experience through feeding for a specific level, you will be able to increase its level. This upgrade will need Dragon Lore. Below, again, an image of Dragon Lore:

Final Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Update Dragon Lore

To make it easy to plan how much Dragon lore you need, we have prepared an overview for you, showing you the current costs of Dragon Lore per level.

Please note: The following chart was part of the Update from the 18th October 2018

(Data from 8th November 2018)

[UPDATE 08th of November]

While the Dragon Lore costs for the Adult Dragon level got reduced, WB introduced that you will need dragon secrets! Take a look in the table above to know what each level will need (Please note that the dragon Lore Secret changed from 7777 gold to 250 gold).

Milestone: To reach Dragon level 69, which is needed to learn the last dragon adult skill, from level 39, you need a total of 95,031,424 Lore and 496,216 Secrets. This equals a cost of 133,557,142 Gold! Let’s hope WB will think about it again 🙂

Why level your Dragon?

The above topics are the main Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Costs once they are released and they are in no way cheap. So why should you level your Dragon and the Pit? The higher your Dragon pit the higher you can level your Dragon. The Dragon State needs to be researched in the Maester tower. (costs for that are listed in the topic Dragon Research). Next to a higher Dragon state, you are able to get better dragon research and get more talent points. Both aspects are related to the Dragon Pit Level and the Dragon level!

The difference of Dragon Research and Dragon Talents

Yes, there is a difference and they are not the same. We released the Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Talent Trees some time ago, but never talked much about dragon research. So what is the difference?

Dragon research is like your other research areas and will be stored in the Measter Tower. Those researches are permanent and increasing buffs of your Dragon.
BUT there are two more big things:

  1. Your dragon state (like whelp, adolescent and adult) need to be researched.
    We don’t know if this research is mandatory to level your dragon further, but you need it to increase the dragons state
  2. All Dragon skills (like Repel Strike, gathering farms, dragon breath, …) need to be researched

Dragon research will cost normal research materials and Dragon Lore to be done. You can find a list of all currently available researches for the dragon under the Topic “Dragon research costs” in this post below.

Dragon Talents are new in Game of Thrones Conquest and will be stored in the dragon pit. These researches are NOT permanent and can be reset. But why reset them? You can’t “skill” every talent possible. You have to choose a “route” down a talent tree. The route you choose defines the focus of your dragon. You can focus on combat, gathering, defense or make a mix of everything. Your talents are limited by talent points and currently, don’t cost any materials. We don’t know how many talent points you get per level currently but will keep you informed on that as well.

For a draft of what these talent trees have, please take a look at Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Talent Trees.

Dragon research costs

Usually, we don’t look into data from research since this is “a pain in the ass” to be concrete. But for dragons, we made a list of all available dragon researches below. As you can see, dragon researches need a specific Maester Tower level as well as a specific Dragon and Dragon Pit level as a pre-requirement.

For explanation:

  • “Ranks” define how many times you can research this specific research
  • If the rank is not 1, we have provided a range for the specific resource needed and a total to reach its max.
  • Researches in bold green are the currently available dragon stages to be researched
  • Researches in green are skills your dragon can learn if you researched them

Here the full list of researches:

Please note: The following chart was part of the Update from the 18th October 2018

(Data from 18th October 2018, best to open in landscape view or desktop)


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  1. Aaron Thibodeaux says:

    So if the dragon lure is 1 gold a piece and lvl 20-23 (pretty average) caves drop around 40 a piece, it isn’t worth the stamina to kill them? 700 gold for 100% stamina it will equal to around 200 lures. 700 gold will buy you 700 lures…..

    1. Stoffe says:

      The dragon lore that drops from the caverns are blue, and should be worth 10 (or maybe 16) gold each. The one pictured above is grey (poor) so that one may be worth 1 gold.

  2. Alice says:

    Your chart has an error. The column “Dragon lore from 1 to X” isn’t carrying over the cost from section to section.

    1. Ego says:

      How to get dragon lore if you re starting in a new kingdom and the cavern event is over. The lore from daily quest is 3,640 daily. To hatch the egg and upgrade to lvl 2, we ll need 25,000 lore. So to do that, I ll have to wait at least 7 weeks to get a baby dragon. Or are there anything i m missing? Besides buying packs.

      1. Jimbo says:

        Does anyone have tips for obtaining dragon lore?

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