Game of Thrones Conquest: Viserion Update

Game of Thrones Conquest: Viserion Update

In our Game of Thrones Conquest: Get Ready for Viserion – World Boss post we gave you an early view on the upcoming World Boss feature WB is planning. Today we are able to provide some more information including how difficult the Game of Thrones Conquest World boss will be! Read everything currently available in our Game of Thrones Conquest: Viserion Update post!

We share with you our current knowledge, this info can change or might not even pass it into the game!

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Game of Thrones Conquest: Viserion Update

Before we go into detail, we highly recommend you to read our Game of Thrones Conquest: Get Ready for Viserion – World Boss post and take a look at the images of Viserion and the Night King in our Game of Thrones Conquest: World Boss Images post.

Small Recap

  • Viserion won’t come alone! With him, The Night King will show and both together will be the first Game of Thrones Conquest World boss
  • Unlike other mobs, the spawn of Viserion will be unique, so you won’t see multiple Boss Monster on the map but only 1
  • Viserion will spawn at a random location in the north

World Boss Phases

We previously said that Viserion and the Night King will have 10 different phases. It seems like this detail changed “a bit”. And we now have 140 phases!!! Yes, you read right … Viserion will have 140 different Phases!

But how do they work? If you manage to finish a phase, Viserion will fly away with the Night King and will come back again … stronger than before (no we sadly don’t know the time between).

What is needed to finish a Phase

Each phase needs a different amount of wins (like you know from elite mobs or SOP fights). Once you reach the needed wins, the next phase will begin. The higher the phase you (and your kingdom) are at, the fewer wins are needed to reach the next one. While the first phases need 50 wins to reach the next stage, the highest stages only need 5. Below a chart of phases and wins/kills needed per level:

GOT:C Worldboss Kills needed per phase

How strong is each Phase

All might know, that I am not a fan of talking about Power when it comes to the discussion “Can I kill the mob/sop XYZ”. Why?

WB uses Power to give the user a tool to estimate how good something is. This is the reason why Research, Buildings Gear and Troops got this stat. But Power got nothing to do with the real calculation of the outcome of a fight. The outcome of a fight is calculated by way more variables. Attack, Defense, Health, Range, March Size, Troop Tier and Troop Type are responsible for the outcome of a fight … nothing more!

So in the following, we use Power as it is meant in the game … as estimation on how strong each phase is. In the table below you will notice, that the difficulty to beat each phase will increase exponential … Viserion and the Night King will start very weak … but will turn into real bosses very fast!

GOT:C Worldboss calculated power per phase

To have a better understanding, we compared Viserion and the Night King (blue line) to monster we already had in the game (red lines). Below a small list of what to expect and to say in what area this level of difficulty lies (remember … power is just an estimation!)

  • 16 – same power as normal level 30 camp
  • 21 – same power as normal level 30 rally camp
  • 58 – same power as a level 30 wight giant
  • 140 – 6.3 times more power than a wight giant

As you can see in the list … The World boss will be quite interesting!

Rewards for attacking

As for every post we do, we can’t tell you exact drops, this Game of Thrones Conquest: Viserion Update is sadly no exception. What we can tell you is that the rewards getting better and better the higher the level is. We can’t even tell at this point if all wins/kills give a reward or only the final blow … we will inform you about this once we know for sure!

What else to expect

While we get a better and better view on this new feature WB is planning, this Game of Thrones Conquest: Viserion Update still got some blind spots. At the current Point, Viserion and the night King seem to almost be impossible to beat at higher levels … even for a full T10 rally with insane gear and armory …

This can have several reasons, one can be that WB is still working on the strength of him and will nerf him before this feature going live. Other possibilities are huge buffs we get vs undead … or even unique items increasing your stats for one attack (like dragon glass). Once we know get more information, we will tell you about it!

This is it!

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  1. Monyse says:

    Each day the rewards of events worsen. The game is becoming ridiculous. I do not spend much of my money on this, but every day I have less will to do. I really hope that WB is ashamed and go on to make events that cheer your players.

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