Game of Thrones Conquest Trinket Generation 3

Game of Thrones Conquest Trinket Generation 3

In our yesterday post about the Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event, we told you about a new trinket. It seems that next to the Game of Thrones Conquest Gear Generation 3.0, also trinkets got a nice update. In this Game of Thrones Conquest Trinket Generation 3 post, we show you the stats of the first Trinket with the new stats.

[SPOILER ALERT | If you haven’t watched Season 8 Episode 3 yet, this Event will contain spoilers for you]

We share with you our current knowledge, this info can change or might not even pass it into the game!

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Game of Thrones Conquest Trinket Generation 3

Yes we know, technically … we never had a “generation 1” trinket! Since trinkets came into the game with generation 2 gear, we missed them for the gear sets of the first generation. Never the less, the new trinkets share all characteristics from the generation 3 gear!

Differences to previous trinkets

Trinkets had only 2 values (with very few exceptions like the dragon trinket). While the gear generation 3 got “only” 1 additional stat, the generation 3 trinkets will get two extra stats. So the new trinkets will have 4 stats on all level. The higher the level of the trinket the higher values you will get. But not only do we get 2 additional stats, but also the values are the same as for the generation 3 gear. Knowing this … what will be the stats of the first Game of Thrones Conquest Trinket Generation 3?

The Ranger’s Quiver

Before we show you the stats of the new trinket, let’s take a look at the crafting event for it:

Every Shot Counts
“They were the shields that guarded the realms of men.”
Every arrow prolonged the battle. Every death saved thousands of lives. Every living person draws breath because the fighters at Winterfell held steady, and made every shot count.

Craft any trinket to earn points! Materials for the new Ranger’s Quiver trinket are available in the Heroes of Winterfell event.

As we shared in our Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event post, materials for this event will drop from all “none event mobs”.

Stats of the new trinket

It should not be a surprise, that this trinket will have ranged stats. But are they good? Below an image of the new trinket with its stats:

This item can also be found in out GOTCTips Gear Planner

Yes, this trinket is very good! It might be one of the best trinkets we have in the game so far. Another nice boost for the already very powerful ranged units. Will you craft this trinket? Tell us your opinion in the comments or in our GOTCTips Discord server.

This is it!

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