Game of Thrones Conquest How to Hunt

Game of Thrones Conquest How to Hunt

Its time for another guest post from “The Chicken” 🐔! While the GOTCTips idea is based on “From Player for Player”, this “Game of Thrones Conquest How to Hunt” post comes from you … the community. This post will give an idea of how to hunt and make this part of the game as effective as possible. Thanks “The Chicken” to share this with us once again!

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Game of Thrones Conquest How to Hunt

So here we are in another Chicken post! Today we will speak of what do we hunt, why we hunt it and what’s the best strategy for hunting. To find the best farming spots, we highly suggest you read out Game of Thrones Conquest Best Farming Spots post!

What to Hunt each day

GoT: Conquest works on a fixed schedule, so there’s a permanent day for different materials:

  • Monday – Scholarly fragments Caravans – These materials are later used for researches and on some expeditions.
  • Tuesday – Bricks Caravans – These materials start showing up at around keep level15 and every building requires some. At high levels, the requirements are quite high.
  • Wednesday – Pale Steel Shred Caravans – Same as Scholarly fragments, these materials are used on researches.
  • Thursday – Soldier Pines Caravans – Same as Bricks, these are used for buildings from around keep level15.

At these days, I suggest you hunt for these caravans only, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays as Soldier Pines and Bricks are super-hard to get in high quantities.

Pro Tip: I would definitely suggest you regenerate your stamina (with either gold or stamina boxes) in order to get as much as possible of Soldier Pines and Bricks. Hunting these materials from an early stage of the game will help you gain high quantities of it, and can later on, help you score well in building/researching events.

Other than that, GoTC usually holds a monthly event where sudden creatures appear and you get points/materials for them – I would suggest hunting them on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (as possible as it is). The last type of creatures is the random creatures the game sets (Militant camps, Bandit camps, boars, lions, scorpions, etc.). Now that we know what we should hit, let’s dive in into that.

What levels to hunt

The levels of the creatures you are hitting is also an important factor in hunting. Creatures are divided into 4 different “steps” and you can notice that by the amount of stamina consumed to hit them:

  • Step 1: Lvl1-9 (demands 5 Stamina)
  • Step 2: Lvl 10-14 (demands 10 Stamina)
  • Step 3: Lvl 15-19 (demands 15 Stamina)
  • Step 4: Lvl 20-30 (demands 20 Stamina)

These “steps” set us clear “borders” between different levels but further investigation is still required – is a level 20 same as a level 30 creature? The answer is no. In each step, there are sub-categories that differ by the number of rewards they drop and the principal is – The higher the step – the higher the rewards! In order to find out these “steps”, we have made a research of what level drops what rewards, and here are the steps as we see it (A big shoutout to Memu for the help on obtaining the details and helping conduct this research):

  • Step 1: Level 22 – Level24
  • Step 2: Level 25 – Level27
  • Step 3: Level 28 – Level30

(If you are interested n lower level “steps”, please state in the comments what level range you would be interested in. We would investigate further and update this list asap)

The conclusion

Now that we know what is there to hunt, and understand the “steps” of each group. Let’s talk about what to hunt each day in this Game of Thrones Conquest How to Hunt post.

Type 1: On Mondays and Wednesdays I would not spend endless gold on it because at some point (around K22) research gets VERY EXPENSIVE and it takes time to get the resources for it, so you have some more time to get the scholarly fragments and the pale steel shreds. I would suggest hunting the biggest STEP (not creature) you can hit.

Type 2: On Tuesdays and Thursdays I would suggest you set a goal for yourself. This goal depends heavily on your current level, but you can use our GOTCTips Keep Upgrade Calculator and/or Discord function to check what your next levels need. I would suggest hunting the biggest STEP (not creature) you can hit.

Type 3: On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when theres no hunting event I would suggest you to hunt low leveled creatures (Lvl1-9) to get Tyrion’s missions going (“Hunt 3000 creatures on the map” for example).

GOTCTips PRO TIP: You must wonder – why would you hit a level 28 and not a level 30 (If you can, of course). So there’s a basic trade-off we haven’t talked about: While rewards won’t change dramatically in-between each step (between 28 and 30 for example), You do get more PRESTIGE from a higher level creature (prestige not only helps you complete Tyrion’s missions but also helps you later on forge better gear. With that said, going for a bigger creature also costs more wounded, hence more resources for healing. So the trade-off is actually: More wounded (More resources) in return for more prestige.

Guest post

This post was written by “The Chicken” 🐔. He got a Q&A part, where people ask “What would Chicken do” in certain situations … and he gives answers based on this idea! While he is helping his allegiance and many other people, his tips mainly focus on free to play guides. We have to say: Thanks for sharing this post with us!

Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips

In the future, we want to focus a bit more on Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips than we have done it in the past. Free to Play can be a challenge for everyone. As an alt or as a main account … If you want more F2P tips, watch out for this info on a teaser!

This is it!

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  1. Liege nothing says:

    Can you do the steps for 10-14 and 15-19? Much thanks!!

  2. Cap'n Dorf says:

    In general, hit the highest creature you can as that gives you the most rewards / prestige for the stamina. If F2P, depending on time zone, you can stop hunting creatures on Monday afternoon to let your stamina recharge to 100% before the brick event starts on Tuesday, then farm them until you’ve depleted it, go to bed, farm them all day Tuesday as your stamina recharges, and then on Wednesday, you can even get more bricks in the few hours after bricks ends and pale steel starts if you look carefully around the map for leftover creatures that haven’t disappeared yet.

  3. egis316 says:

    You forgot about steel rewards. 27-29 level creatures reward you with much more steel than 30 level creature. but 30 level creature gives much more crafting mats.

  4. George says:

    Is it true that level 28 – 30 creatures eventually drops keystones?

    1. Tia Serena says:

      Unfortunately not. It was an early idea they abandoned. Event creatures rarely do, and sometimes harvesting a resource node to the end. Some events will reward keystones (the recent Golden Company event for example).
      But it’s never enough. For keep upgrades above 24 you’ll wait for months to get all the keystones – or you need to buy them.

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