Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event

Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event

[SPOILER ALERT | If you haven’t watched Season 8 Episode 4 yet, this Event will contain spoilers for you]

While we are still waiting for the Game of Thrones Conquest: Three-Eyed Raven Event, WB seems to have the next event already prepared. What the Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event is about, and what you can expect from it will be highlighted in this post. Get ready for the Golden Company!

We share with you our current knowledge, this info can change or might not even pass it into the game!

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Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event

Currently, the “monthly Event” cycle from WB seems a bit off! While we are used to one major event each month including new mobs, new gear and maybe a new feature, Season 8 brought a big change to this concept. The focus seems to be more in favor of “following the Show”. With a big battle awaiting us in Episode 5, where the North will fight Cersei and the Golden Company, WB prepared an event for this it seems. (well if its for the show or just coincidence cant be said … but its still nice 😀 )

What awaits us

The Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event seems to be no full “monthly event” as we know them. While we can’t tell you how long this event will last, it seems to be not as big in terms of events. There won’t be a new gear set for this event, and also some other events like PVP are missing… so let’s take a look in detail:

New mobs

We will get a new mob, the “Golden Company Sellsword“. This unit will be an Infantry unit, so it will be weak against ranged and strong against cavalry. Below you can read the event where you have to hunt them:

The Golden Company
“The balance has grown distressingly even.”
Queen Daenerys’s forces are bruised and battle weary. Queen Cersei’s are fresh and hungry for a fight. A gambler might still bet on the Dragon Queen, but the Night King’s attack has evened the odds.

Defeat Golden Company Sellswords to earn points!

For those who like to see their new enemy, below a nice image from the new Golden Company Sellsword!

Golden Company Sellsword artwork from WB in Game of Thrones: Conquest
© WB Games HBO
Golden Company Sellsword animation from WB in Game of Thrones: Conquest
© WB Games HBO

New Gear

Yes, I said we don’t get a new gear set … and this is right! But we get a new trinket. All we know so far is that its called “Ranger’s Quiver” and it will focus on Ranged stats. (no sorry, stats for this item will be posted as soon as we know). Below the event to this trinket:

Heroes of Winterfell
“Everyone in this world owes them a debt that can never be repaid.”
Thousands of blades defended against the onslaught, and one blade ended it. Death’s cold blue eyes are closed. Now only the living remain to threaten one another.

Defeat any non-event creature on the map to earn points! While this event is active, non-event creatures drop materials for the new Ranger’s Quiver trinket, which can be crafted for points in the Every Shot Counts event.

Please note that the text says “any non-event creature”. So event mobs won’t drop the material to craft this item … one of the questions which came into our mind was … what will the event mobs drop in this Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event? Let’s hope it is something good!

Other Events

Other events for the Game of Thrones Conquest Golden Company Event are Expedition, PVE with old mobs, Crafting old gear and feeding your dragon. We will keep you updated once we know more about this Event.

This is it!

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