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The GOTCTips Farming Time Calculator shows you exactly how long you need for any farm. We also integrated the troops you need, to farm them fully. This can be very useful when special resources give an extra amount. We explain this in the detailed release post! Other than this, this tool will help you to optimize your farming outcome and calculate the impact of any SOP title you may get.

For a detailed guide, we recommend reading Game of Thrones Conquest Farming Time Calculator LIVE

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WordPress Plugins

Importance: High

GOTCTips also provides useful tools to optimize the ingame experience for you. Currently, not all tools are doable in a reasonable amount of time.
Needed: 80$

More graphic previews

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WB uses unity3d files for their graphics. Currently, it’s only possible for us to decompile/view none animated versions with a lot of work.
Needed: 258$

Server renewal

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GOTCTips is now on a paid and faster server. We paid the server for 6 months. Next round of payment soon.
Needed: 65$ (for 6 months)