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On Wednesday WB released the long-awaited dragons. While some player already rushed to a high leveled dragon, we want to explain to you the most efficient way to level your dragon along with some basics about it! We also included a small calculator, where you will be able to calculate how much food you need to reach a certain dragon level. Be prepared and read our new Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Guide.

Dragon Level Basics

Before we start to explain the best way to level your dragon, let’s take a look at the “Training” tab and the useful information that is hidden on the screen.
WB made a nice Beginners guide where you can get a lot of basic information. So check out what they have to say, explained here: GoT:C – Beginner’s Dragon Training.

Here is a screen you will see (or similar depending on your Dragon level) and what info you can get from it:

Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Guide screen

  1. Dragon Feedings
    This area gives you info about your feeding status. How many you have left and how many you have in “addition”. The little timer below shows you when you will get your next “free feeding”.
  2. Dragon Level
    Gives you the information about your current dragon level and your current dragon status!
  3. Dragon XP Bonus
    One of the most interesting areas! The first time you feed your dragon, you will get bonus Experience gain for your dragon. Depending on the State of your dragon, you will have a different bonus per day (we explain this more in our guide below).
  4. Dragon Level Status
    This bar shows you the progress of your current level as a blue bar. When you have selected a food, it will also show you two additional bars. The grey bar shows you the XP gain from your selected food (this includes trinkets or other XP buffs). The green bar is the bonus you get from your “Dragon XP Status” on top.
  5. Dragon Talent Status
    The Talent bar works same as the “Dragon Level Status” bar and got the same color coding. It shows you the status until you get your next dragon talent point!
  6. Dragon Food
    When you have a feeding available, you can select the quality of the food you want to feed your dragon with on here. In order to feed your dragon one time, you need 10,000 food items. There are 6 different qualities of food. Here is a small screen showing you all the currently available qualities:
    Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Guide detail sceen
  7. Feeding Button
    Pressing this button will consume the selected food and feed your dragon. This will increase its XP status as well as his Talent status.

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Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Guide

So what is the most efficient tactic?

Slow and steady wins the fight!

The best tactic involves the use of the Dragon XP bonus. These facts are important to know:

  • Dragon XP bonus resets every 10 level to 0% (level 10, 20 and 30)
  • Each dragon state get a different increase of XP bonus per day
    • Level 2-9 = +25% per day
    • Level 10-19 = +10% per day
    • Level 20-29 = +2,5% per day
    • Level 30-39 = +1% per day
  • You get the same XP bonus no matter the quality of the food you give your dragon!
  • After 3 days, no one knows the cap of this % – we will add this once we know it

So in order to get the most out of it, you need to get the Dragon XP bonus as high as possible.

  1. If you are at Dragon level 2, 10, 20 or 30 (we call them “breakpoints”), stay there for a bit. Only use your free dragon feed daily (maybe use low-level food with the rest of the daily feedings) but DON’T use your best quality food for it
  2. Once you hit the cap of the XP bonus, use extra feedings and your best food quality until you reach the next breakpoint!
  3. Now it starts again from step 1 … increase your XP bonus > wait > rush to next breakpoint!

Extra Tips:

To give some additional tips in this post, here are some tips to increase your outcome even more!

  • Level your dragon pit before you rush! (a higher dragon level increases the XP Bonus)
  • Don’t forget to equip the right trinket!
  • Dragon Packs (normally) store the same amount as extra feedings as high-quality food feedings
  • Each Food quality gives double the Experience as the food quality before (green gives two times the experience as grey)

Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Calculator

To plan ahead how much food you need, here a small calculator to complete our Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Level Guide!

Important: depending on your selection, your trinket and your daily bonus might not apply. Please note that the daily bonus gets reset every 10 level (10, 20, 30 …) and start from 0.

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This is it!

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    O started a alt and from 0-10 it cap at 400%

  3. Valor Morghulis says:

    Question on the assumptions in the calculator. Is it based on the same Daily Dragon XP Bonus for all of the feedings (like you’re using bonus feeds and doing it all in one day), or does it take into account that 7 feedings will be done at 200%, the next 7 at 210%, the next 7 at 220%, etc.?

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