Game of Thrones Conquest Best Farming Spots

Game of Thrones Conquest Best Farming Spots

Farming for building and research materials is a very important and crucial part for all player. Not only „Free to Play“ (F2P) but also „Pay to Play“ (P2P) player should do it and spend their gold on more important resources. Finding the right spot for each level can sometimes be a challenge. This is why we came up with our Game of Thrones Conquest Best Farming Spots post, to give you some good spots for each level.

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Game of Thrones Conquest Best Farming Spots

In general, the level of PVE Camps depends on the SOPs and their star count which are close to them. The higher the star count of a SOP, the higher the PVE Camps are next to them. As a result, you can find level 30 camps around paramount Seats. Please be aware of, that some areas have multiple SOPs close to them with different star counts, on those areas this rule does not apply as strict since multiple areas „overlap“. For this reason, we share with you some nice farming spots someone posted to help others in our GOTCTips Discord Server.

Big thanks to [ARES]Rampant from realm 290 to create this list for us!

Coords 1Coords 2Coords 3

Please note: Based on the SOPs your allegiance holds, it can be wise to choose slightly different locations in order to get those area buffs!

Where do you farm?

Tell us your best farming spots including the level of PVE Camps around it!

Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips

In the future, we want to focus a bit more on Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips than we have done it in the past. Free to Play can be a challenge for everyone. As an alt or as a main account … If you want more F2P tips, watch out for this info on a teaser!

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