Game of Thrones Conquest 40+ Free to Play Tips

Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips

Ever since I became essentially a Free to Play Player, things changed a lot for me and how I play Game of Thrones Conquest. I feel it is a totally different challenge now and the main question is: “How to level up the most efficient way possible?”
While these Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips are focused mainly on Free to Play strategies, everyone can benefit from them!

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Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips

In the future we want to focus a bit more on Game of Thrones Conquest Free to Play Tips than we have done it in the past. Free to Play can be a challenge for everyone. As an alt or as a main account … all I can say is: Try it out!

To make it easier in the future to identify articles specified for Free to Play Players, we introduced a badge on the teasers. If you see the badge above, you know this article is also beneficial for Free to Play!

Where to Hide

To avoid getting constantly attacked by enemies, it is important to “hide” from as many enemies as possible and to have a good spot on the map. Here are some tips you should know for the “perfect” spot:

  1. Don’t hide at Kings Landing or Dorne (or any other high star SOP) due to players looking for rss nodes and high-level camps at these places.
  2. Also, don’t stay near obvious places like the coast or islands. Especially during PVP events, those areas are scanned often.
  3. Region buffs can be very useful! To check what buffs are applied to a location, use the [ i ] icon next to the coordinates.
  4. It can be wise to relocate to a different position when PVP Event starts.
  5. Use random ports to get to a good area because you don’t want to stay in the same location for too long.
  6. You have to get yourself right next to the best level creatures and farms that is possible for you. Positioning on the map is vital so people can’t follow long marching lines easily.
    (A good place would be near (but not too near) Winterfell or Highgarden because there are many level 6 nodes and good level creatures.)


Game of Thrones Conquest 40+ Free to Play Tips

Gathering and keeping your Resources safe is a big challenge for every Free to Play Player and will increase significantly with each keep level.

  1. Crate your food with expeditions for upgrades. Crated food can’t get stolen.
  2. Try and join a big allegiance. Allegiance gifts and Allegiance Event rewards are always a very good source for resources.
  3. Never say never, but we’re gonna go ahead and say never buy bricks or pines with gold. Go hunt them.
  4. Gather a lot every day. It’s one of the major ways to get keystones beside events or event rewards. (Read our GOTCTips Farming guide to see what troops you should use)
  5. Don’t do anything unless you have to (upgrading mats, opening crates, spend gold, use candles etc.) Try to stay below your protected limits.
  6. Don’t open Tyrion’s rewards unless you have to. Save them and use them only when you need to do a big building upgrade. Creating alts and doing events with those can be a very nice way to get resources. If you finish the events, save the gold and crated food that you got. Once you need it, buy rss or open boxed food and attack your own alt to get its resources. Below is a video of someone creating an alt and getting 10k Gold at a Varys event in 15 mins. (Thanks Horazon 134 and made by RogueSyndicate for the Video)

    (As an extreme: I have heard from people with 1,000 alts created on an Emulator and doing events on all of them)

Let your troops survive

Besides getting Resources, this is the most important and most hardest part of the game. You will never reach a point, where you can’t be attacked and zeroed as a free to play player (or it is very rare). So it is important to be smart and hide your troops from the enemy.

  1. During the day you can perfectly hide your troops in farms while gathering resources. It can also be beneficial, to send more troops than needed to hide the maximum troops possible.
  2. Set timers on your phone for marches to return. (Use our GOTCTips Farming Time Calculator to calculate in advance how much time you need)
  3. During the night, it is wise to reinforce an SOP or an allied Keep which is bubbled or not attackable, since marches stay up to 24 hours while reinforcing and thus you can sleep in peace!
  4. If you bubble, set a timer 15 mins before the bubble pops.
  5. When you get attacked, you can hide your troops fast by creating a 60 min rally. These won’t be noticed by your enemy and is a nice trick to play a game with your enemy.
  6. Max out upgrading medical tents to store as many troops as possible IF you get attacked and could not react in time.

Daily Quests

Daily Quests are a nice source of resources you can gather over time. You should always aim for the highest rewards (level 7) even on lower levels. The RSS, Building mats, crafting mats and especially the SpeedUps are a nice free extra.

  1. You can train t1 troops and traps in order to finish the “Train Troops” quests
  2. For the “Upgrade building” quest, build a farm (or any other rural building) from 1-3 and destroy it for the next day again.
  3. To complete the “Kill Creatures” It can sometimes be beneficial to hit lower monster level since they need less stamina.
  4. Check your Daily Quests before you use the shrine, sometimes you have to pray for a special resource and need those points in order to complete level 7.


Speaking of Events, it is not only the Event Rewards that are good but also, the Leaderboard Prizes can be very helpful too!

  1. Generally, don’t start or go heavy on an event if you can’t have a good rank. Its normally better to end up 1st in one event out of 3 or 4, than to end up 10th in all 4 of them
  2. If possible, try to join the second bracket of a leaderboard. Those leaderboards are normally much easier to win or get a better ranking. This needs some timing and “guessing” when the first bracket is full. Most Events can have 250 players. So it can sometimes be very beneficial to wait before you do the first points. (You get into a bracket once you make the first points in the event)
  3. Keep all you have to win one event, then start “stockpiling” again to win another one.
    This includes:

    1. Upgrade buildings only during events (Rural Buildings might be an exception)
    2. Do as much research as possible only during research event.
    3. Don’t craft, except during crafting events, or when there is a good crafting efficiency event buff
    4. Only use Speedups for important and good events to get a better placement in leaderboards. NEVER use them in any other situation.
    5. Save Stamina for Hunting events, don’t spend them if you don’t have an event.
    6. Save Candles for events or shrine level 20 (with shrine 20 you can get keystone drops as an extra reward)


Building the right buildings can make difference when it comes to the success of a Free to Play Player. Here are some tips to help you where to focus on:

  1. Max out medical tents to store as many troops as possible IF you get attacked and could not react in time. (Other tips for rural buildings can be found in our Rural Building post)
  2. Focus on Lumber Mills and Mines, you will need those resources a lot.
  3. For Building Enhancements, focus on keep (for all troop buffs) and shrine (for defensive pvp stats). (The GOTCTips Building Enhancement calculator will help you to find the best options)
  4. Upgrade your rookery if you want your clan to rein you for baiting or zapping enemy marches against you
  5. Use the GOTCTips Keep upgrade calculator to plan in advance on what you need to reach a certain goal.

Assist your Clan

We said before, that it can be very useful to join a big allegiance. While some say “I can’t be of any use” or “I can’t help them” … this is TOTALLY not true! A kingdom is not only ruled by POWER, but also by wisdom! Here are only a few tips that everyone (not only Free to Play) can do to help their Allegiance to rule Westeros:

  1. Watch sops for enemy teleporting in and warn others if their bubble goes down.
  2. Give advice to other members (that was and is basically what I do all day 🙂 )
  3. Hold spots by a sop if it’s asked to block enemies to being able to teleport close
  4. If your team is rallying, watch SOPs for counter-rallies.
  5. Help organizing wars and plan attacks for your allegiance.


Crafting gear is one of the most important aspects in Game of Thrones Conquest. Here the biggest tips you should aim for:

  1. Don’t upgrade your crafting materials until you need them! This way you stay more flexible.
  2. Aim for green (maximum blue) gear and better invest on a higher level, instead of higher quality gear
  3. Try to craft the following set
    1. steel efficiency set
    2. creature attack set
    3. healing set
    4. defensive set
    5. Gathering/Resource Production Set
  4. Use the GOTCTips Gear Planner to look what to craft


Dragons are new in Game of Thrones Conquest and are also a good boost for Free to Play Player. With a dragon, it is possible to kill higher level mobs which is great to use the stamina in the most efficient way.

  1. Focus on the Hatchling Talent Tree because it increases important stats
  2. Feed your dragon only when you have a high Daily Feeding Bonus. (For details read our Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Feeding Guide)


As a 100% Free to Play player, buying packs is not an option. But in case some of you want to spend some money, here is one tip I can give:

  1. Stop buying small packs every now and then. Save your money and buy one very good holiday pack! (Like the Black Friday Pack). Bigger Packs normally have a higher Value per Money ratio than small packs.


This is it!

Feel free to leave a comment or come to our discord at “” with any question you have.
We contribute a lot of our free time to bring you the best information and tips, and while we do not want to put ads on the site, we welcome any donation you may consider – this will greatly help with more information and tips, as well as server/maintenance in the near future.


  1. Catalina says:

    What is the highest level that an F2P has reached? because I have come to keep 20

  2. Tin says:

    This is a very good read tq


    Very good these tips, I wish I had read them a few months ago lol. I’m building my keep 21, and I’m pretty confident that in some time I’ll go to keep 22.

  4. Valor Morghulis says:

    I was a F2P player until K18, at which point in time I realized with a few $100s on high value packs, I could get to K22, get T8s, and really become relevant to my alliance as part of the “hit squad.” That was important to me so I dropped some dough on the game and got to K22. And it payed off, because my alliance took King’s Landing this weekend, and I was part of the rallies.
    I’ll reiterate the importance of saving Tyrion rewards and boxed goods for the keep upgrades. All other upgrades (including the wall), you have to plunder, pillage, and raid for the wood. For troop building upgrades that require food, have a full storehouse of food, then send out 3 marches to L6 farms that will all gather in the same amount of time (send the same troop mix to each farm), but make sure to log on a few minutes before the farms finish gathering, otherwise it will count troop upkeep when you log on.
    Some other tips:
    L20 Poor Quality Gear is superior to L15 Legendary Gear (IMHO) because of the extra stat that L20 gets vs. L15. So focus on getting that L20 Gear. Craft non-event gear for levels 5, 10, and 15, and then only use the special event materials for L20 gear.
    Focus on one troop type only. For research, for troop training, for armor crafting. Cavalry is nice for the speed when farming or hunting creatures, but Dothraki gear sucks compared to Bolton or Kingswood.
    Finally, and my favorite – if you have no rss above storehouse limits, and have sent out your troops to farm or reinforce your alliance SOP (and 2 marches empties your keep, giving you a free march to scout while no troops are home), antagonize a big player from an enemy alliance by scouting them or their SOP while talking smack in kingdom chat. They’ll likely port next to you and zero you, giving you a free 24 hr shield. 🙂

  5. k206 says:

    I am F2P, I am K21 and I have 10M of power.

    1. Vlad says:

      How did that guy on the video get 1k+ after only keep and watchtower upgrade? It’s usually 2-3k gold reward total on build part of the event

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