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The next round of opinions from our Hand of the Tips is here. Read what they have to say in their Game of Thrones Conquest Review for the month of April.

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This Game of thrones conquest review for the month of April is brought to you by 4 of our Hands members. While many are instinctively playing the game more actively due to the show resuming its final season and already on episode dark, I mean 3, but 3 was always a half dark number anyways, the reviews are few. Can this be a sign that our Hands just don’t want to repeat themselves over last month and what can WB do to make things better? Here’s what these 4 had to say:

April summary: Too many Terrains it’s a great event but 3 times in 1 week people need sleep. Make elites (or white walkers in this case) take 4 hits instead of 5 so people cant steal them and you can finish a mob off with all 4 marches. Make terrains have same gather time for all 3 troops so people can use main troop type for them. Allow searching for elites or normal event mobs instead of one search for both. Almost 2 months of no new gear set; yes, we had the armory event in march but april only started last week of the month. Many bugs and lack of compensation going on at least for me: March size not being recorded when sending troops, dragon march size not working, gear not willing to swap as someone who can kill level 30’s with the correct combo only. It sucks seeing defeats because WB cant fix their game. Happy they made 5k size leader boards for players to compete on. Sadly the rank 10-25 rewards have been worse then before in the 250k size brackets and the increased rewards for keep 20-24 first rank are only a tiny bit better then before, while the 25+ bracket gained 3x to 4x as much reward for a fix for a problem they never had. A problem with K134: it became pretty dead as the last seat attack was Riverrun and they used 2 rally setters for 8 players each. No way a semi inactive kingdom can do any fighting unless half the kingdom agrees to fight for one team. We need a merge with a really active or powerhouse kingdom to make me see playing this game in the future. The clan that owns kings landing on our server never took a seat t2 and up from anyone but the npc’s so who ever gets lucky on first roll can keep the seat for almost the entirety of the kingdom lifespan. Love the new style of gearing giving the attackers a boost and the upgrade from 2.0 to 3.0 is even bigger then 1.0 to 2.0

Events look more or less like “Oh! They liked or bought a lot of packs during crafting/node events so lets just do it every week or multiple times per week give people time to build up for events like they do for Varys

Wall event was pure BS as someone who is in a small clan there is no way to complete an event where no seats got swapped by attacks. 4 clans had the seats and anyone who is not in those clans could kiss that yellow dragon food and 15k gold goodbye. Heard that on some servers one clan had all seats on the wall at same time.

– Horazon K134 (GOTCTips mod and crafting aficionado, Hater of Champions League and all things football)

Suggestion: Introduce a trading resources event with you your alliance, with no cost as far as packs goes. If someone needs 100 mil wood, another alliance member should be able to help them out, or maybe trade 100 mill wood for something else.

I used to play a game called kingdom of Camelot. Somewhat similar to this game. You were able to request rss from anyone in your alliance via alliance chat and someone could send it to you.

– Kraken(TVille)Team135, (Holder of zeroes, Antium’s predicted Viserion slayer, Prince that was not promised but will show up anyway)

Wall event was underwhelming. Only lasted 24hrs which restricts severely how many can get rewards even if you hold the sop all day. Also the method of generating points was meh. Other sop holders were basically punished for that role in this event. It was a lost opportunity imo. Could have been more true to the game, being attacked by walkers that gradually got stronger til it kicked you from the sop.

Terrains: These are intense 48hr events. They’re expensive. The rewards aren’t worth the effort. They’re being over done. Mobs not dropping gear mats was a big mistake; glad it’s resolved, but mobs only lasting 2 days is also a big mistake. Rewards for events get worse and worse, expedition event is a joke. WB is doing more to push players away than motivate them. More bugs, with a more greedy attitude. It’s getting old very quickly.

– Rooru (Nice overall human being, currently our Member of the month title holder)

The points per feed awarded to the players with the higher level dragons makes it near impossible for players with lower level dragons to compete on the leaderboards. WB should do the same thing for the dragon events as they do the terrains: Create a leaderboard for players with different dragon levels so they are more enticed to participate in the event, and have a better shot at some of the rewards. I would also like to see WB implement the ability to allow players to attack the next level down on terrains. Specifically during PvP events. It would create a more active event, and the amount of level 8 nodes available to T10 players is too few as is.

– Cent (Asher The Bully) (Can confirm not an bully)

And with that, Cent’s Dragon wraps up his point (well his points per 1 feed, to illustrate his point above – too many points!)

Thank you for reading our Game of thrones conquest review for April. Summer is coming, and we wish you a good month.
Now on to Cersei!


  1. VM says:

    Everything said above is spot on and better than I could say it. Node events were too frequent, and the rewards so terrible, I sat out all three. I’m a K26 with a 31 dragon, so I don’t stand a chance against the many K28s and K29s that have large adult dragons. Maybe instead of having a buff like 50% range attack while marching vs. player, have 20% dead troop converted to wounded and 50% healing efficiency. I love the terrain event during PvP though. That should be a part of the monthly event rotation.
    Current attack titles are OP enough you don’t need extra pvp buffs, like this last weekend when you had 110% range attack and +10K marches and buffed rally capacity. But give us a pvp that is +2 rally slots against keeps, I would love that.
    All the crafting events are okay, but actually give some steel in reward tiers for events. Not the 3K steel they sometimes give out, but something actually useful, like 300K or 1M. Also, give out 10K, 20K, 40K blue crafting material on more leaderboards. Most of the time the leaderboards aren’t even worth it. Give us some incentive to complete for those top few spots. Also, adding steel caravans on Fridays with a bonus steel drop would be amazing and a way to part all of us from our stash of gold to do more crafting.
    Dragon food recipes are a good concept, but the cost of special coins is prohibitive, and even purple food hardly moves the needle. It’d be awesome to see it changed to a system like crafting materials with a 4:1 ratio to upgrade to the next level. On the subject of dragons, fix the problem with scarcity for lore (caravans, maybe). It’s impossible to do any research if you want to level your dragon, and vice versa.
    Keep event creatures for longer than two days. We’ll spend gold farming them if you keep them around longer.
    Finally, please give us a merge!

    1. Antium says:

      Great comment!

  2. Gil says:

    I have no idea why I’m still playing this game. I’m a keep 30 with a 58 Dragon and one of the largest players power wise.

    Game is Glitching almost always. The node event is not worth playing because the gifts NO LONGER have dragon lore for hitting nodes.

    This game has a high mortality rate in players even though I’ve been playing for close to two years.

    We were originally told we would merge in December last year we are still waiting.

    1. Za Taliban says:

      well, you can give your account to me and i will play for you :-))))))))))

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