About GOTCTips

About GOTCTips

With GOTCTips a long goal I set myself became true! I wanted to build a community for a game of one of the most epic series i ever watched: “Game of Thrones”. WB created a really nice game around this Series called Game of Thrones Conquest. So my goal was to share knowledge with people and to discuss theories of tactics and in game mechanics.

The Beginning

In the beginning I only shared guides within my lovely allegiance WRATH (formally knows as WW). I got great feedback and noticed that with the insights I shared; we as an allegiance became better and better by the discussions resulting out of them. Back there i mainly focused on guide on how to optimize Gear, Mechanics and research … this was my contribution to the allegiance since my timezone often did not allow me to take part in big wars! but to be honest with you … for me crafting theories and trie to optimize stuff made this game so much more fun!

The next Step

In the next step i reached out to the admins of the overall Game of Thrones Conquest Discord server and asked them to create a new section there, gathering infos from all people over different categories of the game! I met really smart people there and talked a lot to them. Driven by our discussions i created a lot of tips and also focused more and more on game leaks! With this infos I shared, I noticed more and more positive feedback, and the community grew day after day! Why? I personally feel WB often makes a good job with there game, but lack communication with there fans and the people playing it! So beside focusing on tips, answering questions, giving the people information they wanted and needed became what the discord community stands for!


Honestly i wanted to present these information as good as i can and how the community deserves it. So i start to build a blog with the incredible help of one of my fellow members in WRATH. Thanks very much for your help in the last days, Antium, to realize this project. I wish that this site becomes a source of wisdom and knowledge sharing! So please take a moment, look at some posts and feel free to send me some feedback. Together we can create something big!

Who is this guy talking?

Many people know me from discord or various other chatting platforms. Many people know me as “Prince Peremore” or a former name i used in the game “Bran the Builder”. Feel free to call me whatever you prefer! In my real life I work as a data analyst, thats where my passion about data comes from. In the future i will release some more infos about me, myself and I 😉 For now … i just give you all a big welcome to GOTCTips!


GOTCTIPS is in no way affiliated with WB Games or The Game of Thrones Conquest development team. All information provided here is free of charge, for educational purposes only. WB game images are property and copyright of WB, and are presented here for illustrative purposes. Some images may be transformed and altered from their original state for informative purposes. GOTCTIPS is a fan blog dedicated to informing the game community and helping them with tips and tricks to become better. GOTCTIPS does not own anything that is considered an intellectual property of WB Games. The posts presented here should be considered as opinion based information.