14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips

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We put together the 14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips for the new Feature that WB released today. These tips will help you to grow your dragon in the most efficient way possible. Be prepared for your dragon! “Dracarys”

Before we start

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Tip 1: Trinket

Don’t forget to equip your dragon trinket when you feed your dragon (yes even the egg)!  Many people in my allegiance forgot that! Shame on them.

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 1


Tip 2: Tyrion Quests

The Tyrion quest (for leveling up your dragon pit) give you an item for extra feeds!
Please note: If your Tyrion quests are all full at the moment, you need to clean one to see this! (image below shows reward for just level 1 pit)

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 2

Tip 3: Dragon Pit level

BEFORE you level your dragon … try to level your dragon pit! A higher level dragon pit gives you bonus EXP for your dragon and will save you $$$ on the long run!

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 3

Tip 4: Color of your dragon

You can change the color of your dragon! The dragon will be in the “main color” of your personal banners Background. So if you change your banner, your dragon will also change.

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 4

Tip 5: Your Dragon CANT die

Your Dragon CANT die, but once his HP is 0, he will be wounded and can’t be used until his HP is full again.

It is a rumor that your dragon will die if you don’t feed him. This is NOT true. Your dragon will simply not grow anymore, but nothing else can happen to him. You are safe!

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 5

Tip 6: Dragon Packs

When you are in your dragon pit you will notice a “button” on the top right, this will show you all currently available packs for the dragon! This makes it easy to spot good packs dedicated for your dragon.

Tip 7: Dragon Pack Value

If you buy packs … Watch out! Same packs with the same name and same images have different values! (look at the gold)

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 7

Tip 8: Best Dragon Packs

We don’t know how to unlock this “Special” pack … but these seem to indeed have a very high value! “Most Dragon Material Ever”. Here some screenshots of the currently available Special Packs.

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 8

Tip 9: Dragon Costs

The Dragon Pit does NOT cost any Dragon secrets!
You can find the costs of the Dragon pit and all researches in our Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Cost post

Tip 10: Dragon Talents

Spend your Dragon talents wisely! There are Bonus Talents you get “For free” once you hit requirements. Those bonuses are normally very good! Below an example of how this looks. We also recommend you to read out Game of Thrones Dragon Talent tree post.

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 10

We will provide a “best dragon talent tree” for you in the upcoming days 

Tip 11: Dragon March

You can identify if your enemy/ally/yourself sends a dragon at his/her/your pawn! The dragon travels with it

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 11

Tip 12: Dragon Attack PVP/SOP

Your Adolescent Dragon CANT join rallies and CANT attack sops, you need an adult dragon for it!

It still needs to be confirmed, if the adolescent dragon can attack SOPs held by the computer and help people to solo 4 and 4.5-star SOPs.

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 12

Tip 13: Dragon Livestock

You can farm livestock from none event camps and farms.
Please note: It seems like when your dragon joins the attack, the chances better quality livestock drops increases.

14 Best Game of Thrones Conquest Dragon Tips 13

Tip 14: Feed your Dragon

To feed your dragon one time, you need 10,000 food of the same quality!
(Livestock cant be upgraded like crafting materials)


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  1. Insanya says:

    Thanks so much for the tips. This new dragon stuff is complicated but a fun new element to the game

  2. Pump says:

    How can i name my dragon?

  3. Kenneth says:

    Hi, my dragon is still in an egg form but I can’t seem to be able to feed it more wood, there’s only upgrade option of like 13k gold.

    1. Horazon says:

      Upgrade your dragon pit and collect the rewards and do daily quests for Lore.

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